Hey you,


Nice to see you. So happy to see you drop in!


In here, we’re having fun adventuring. Traveling to old places – sacred sites or places of spiritual power as I prefer to refer to them, castles, and who knows what else will pop up along the way.  Imagining how things might have been. Wondering how they influenced how things now are. Forecasting how all of this might influence and impact our future, or perhaps come around full circle in odd ways. Along the way, learning from each other to become the best versions of ourselves.


Cue the music too. Cause I love music, and it’s just gonna be part of the package here, having fun together, figuring out this life stuff together.


Somewhere along the line, our inner lights will burn a little brighter. This will be so awesome cause then it gives us a way to see a little more ahead of us and around us, as we walk our paths in this life. And, as a super bonus, these lanterns that we intensify within ourselves cast a wider arc of light and can then help light up the field of vision of someone who wants to brighten their light, but might need a little help to shine a little brighter.


I see a cascade of candles, and lanterns, and cell phone glows light up the space and help each other illuminate our way forward.


So stoked!


Talk soon.