Still Going to Sedona, But Later, After North America Survives Covid 19

Still Going to Sedona, But Later, After North America Survives Covid 19


Hey! Nice to see you.


So, things have been a little crazy with how North America is getting ready to deal with the Covid 19 virus. Every day, a new announcement. Each time, a restriction. To help flatten the curve by reducing the amount of people hanging out together in one place.


I swear, we’ve all watched too many post-apocalyptic zombie movies. Rushing and panicking, clearing out stores, fighting over food and who would have guessed toilet paper getting cleared out first?


I have friends who were trying to get home before the famous porous border between Canada and the USA closed. I never would have seen that one coming. But here it is.


So much for my trip this May to Arizona to visit Sedona. That said, I’m planning that trip for September instead. I’m thinking that six months should give enough time for the story to unfold and see an eventual return to some type of normality.


I’m planning on visiting Sante Fe, New Mexico, in October. A friend from Austin Texas, who has lived in many places in the USA, suggested Sante Fe would tie into my personal interests in music and storytelling and possibly even for this blog, traveling to places of spiritual power. I checked it out, and I agree. The city is surrounded by nature and so much more. Sante Fe is part of the Creative Cities Network. How cool is that? A door opening to many more doors around the world, of amazing places to visit. So exciting!


Using the Google Travel tool, and my own homegrown planning itinerary, I’m starting to flesh out the travel plans. I love it! It’s a great way to pass the time while waiting. To dream. To imagine. To make the dream feel more real by planning for it in concrete ways.


Besides visiting the places of spiritual power themselves, there are so many interesting things to see and do on these adventures. One thing that I love doing is walking, preferably in new places, absorbing the landscape and the culture around me, as it is, in its natural habitat, so to speak.


I want to follow the trails as far as I can but dammit, I better be in shape. Suddenly, now, I have a purpose for the workout routines I keep starting but don’t follow through on consistently, from one week to the next. I try the morning. No good. I can’t wake up on time. True, 4:00 A.M. is kind of early. I try after work. Better. But too hungry. Or kids need me. Or I worked late, so got home late.


I’ve got some T25 exercise routines from Shaun T., and two of my favourite classic workout routines – Turbo Jam with Shalene Johnson and Winsor Pilates with Mari Winsor. I’ve always loved my results with the last two. T25 will help me push to get to that extra stamina goal.


So now, I got the power of purpose on my side. So stoked! I got trails I want to be able to follow. I got some nature I want to see and absorb. I want to share some of these experiences with all of you through pics and video. I better get in freaking shape. And not just the tighten the buttocks and abdomen kind of getting of shape. The kind where I’ve got the stamina and the strength to sustain a very long walk, climbing up and down buttes if I have to, if that’s what I want.


I’m wondering. Is there something you keep trying to do, but don’t really manage to see through the way you want, but with a new situation entering your life, suddenly you have the purpose you were looking for to get the job done?

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