Superheroes and sacred sites: Is there a connection?

Superheroes and sacred sites: Is there a connection?

What’s with the popularity of superhero movies and shows these days?


I have a theory… The culture of superheroes is about creating and nurturing a space where people can get used to the idea of the divine within.


What do I mean by the divine within?


It means that we all have a connection to something greater than ourselves within us. You could also call it a connection to your higher self.


Superheroes have superpowers because somehow, they have connected to something greater within themselves. My working theory is that the appeal and popularity of superhero movies is about inviting people to become superheroes connecting to that something greater within themselves. By doing this, they connect to their superpowers.


Superpowers you say? What superpowers might we have as mere mortals?


female angel with sword and buckler in a forward motionWell, truth be told, there is a lot of information out there about the benefits of connecting with your higher self and becoming more of you and who you truly are.


We are all born with a unique set of gifts and talents. Sadly, many of these natural abilities, we learn to bury over the years for a bunch of reasons that make sense at the time but don’t really add up logically over time. 😂


I have found the words of Orin channeled through Sanaya Roman especially helpful to learn different ways to connect to your higher self. You could also say connecting to your inner self.


The point being is that there exists within each of us inner reserves of wisdom, knowledge and experience to draw on. These help us become bigger and better versions of ourselves. They allow us to tap into our true potential as human beings.


You can also learn to draw on the Akashic records to deepen your knowledge, experience and skills. Monika Muranyi explores concepts about the Akash through a compilation of Kryon’s channelings through Lee Carroll in her book The Human Akash: A Discovery of the Blueprint Within.


There are many more resources out there that may be a better fit for you and what you’re looking for and need. The important thing is that you discern for yourself what you feel the information that you are receiving is the right thing for you. It’s so very important to connect and continue to strengthen that connection to your intuition, your inner voice.


Many of the answers to questions you ask can be found in that space. You just need to learn to get comfortable with yourself and listening to yourself at a deeper level. It takes time and patience and practice, but it’s all very possible.


How do movies about superheroes tie into sacred sites?


black and white stylized image of a flower of life diagramWell, I think sacred sites are connected to movies about superheroes because sacred sites invoke wishing to gain access to those things that are greater within us. I explore some of these ideas in What Makes a Sacred Site Sacred? though my sense is that there is much more to unpack. I mean, just the notion that the Flower of Life is found at many sacred sites is , in and of itself, intriguing. What could it possibly mean?


Sacred sites invite us to go within ourselves, to explore who and what we are on broader levels than simply being born a certain year and being given a specific name.


Dustin Naef talks about the notion that community evolved from people coming to places of great spiritual power in his article Mount Shasta: Spirits and Danger on a Sacred California Mountain on Ancient Origins: Reconstructing the Story of Humanity’s Past. This idea is different from the one more commonly held about spirituality evolving after people came together in community. Some could argue that religion evolved after community came together. A whole other topic, I think, for another post (or several).


As far as sacred sites go, Mount Shasta is definitely on my bucket list to visit as part of this travel blog. The more I learn about that mountain, there more there is to unravel. Probably several blog posts worth of information to share someday, as I learn more and eventually make my way there.

snow capped Mount Shasta in the distance, evergreens and a meadow in the foreground


Are you a superhero? What is your superpower?


So yeah, all these superheroes with superpowers creates a kind of state of aspiration for viewers. Gee, wouldn’t it be cool to be a superhero? I wonder what my superpowers might be?


Go for it then! Be a superhero. Figure out your superpowers by going within and being more of yourself, connecting to your higher self. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover amazing things about yourself.


You could also visit a sacred site or several, and see what happens. Discover what is awakened within you when you enter the field of a sacred site that is known and recognized for its inherent spiritual power.


You may very well learn a few interesting things about yourself, and get some good ideas on how to move forward on the next step to unleashing your special gifts that only you can bring to the world.


Just dive in and go for it! You just never know until you take that first step, then the next, then the next one after that. Baby steps on your journey. Wishing you the very best and much success on your adventuring.


Be sure to share with us, if you feel comfortable, what sacred site you want to visit and hope to discover. Or even, what sacred site you have visited and what you learned.


Chat again soon.

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